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If you purchased a text link from me, you can click on each site to check to see if your link has been added! As of Now there is a total of 168 websites in my network! Google Page rank has changed, and most page rank checker sites will come up zero, but all of these websites with the pr beside them were ranked before Google Stopped Ranking by numbers awhile back. I will be adding more sites every day. If you purchase a text link today, your link will automatically be added to every new site I add this code to... Your text link will go on sub sites also. I get most of my traffic from sub sites.

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Open Book Festival  PR6
Oak Bud  PR5
Big J Host

Bait Casters 1
Bait Casters 2
E Tackle
Food Service
Monkey Domains
Pro Tackle

E Juice Vapors
Auto Find
Tackle Store
Online Goodies
Old Books
We Promote Books
Authors Links
The Portal
Shoppers Mart
Promote More
My Book Goal
Non Fiction
Historic Models
Cook Books
Hunting Books
Hunting Gear
Writers Corner
E Novel Books
Everything Automobiles
Old Vintage Cars
4800  PR4
Luck E Host

Pro Bassin
Pro Hunting

Ky Fishing
My Top Adz

Html Help
App Builder
Buy A Kayak
Online Store
Protect Content
Seo Power Suite

Guitar Store
Utility Trailers
Cell Phones

Store Creator
Herbal Store
Truck Find
Publishing Faq
Audio Books
Find Old Cars
Our Backlinks
When I Grow Up
My Book Deals
John L Brown
Illustrate Free
Car Manuals
Link Ads
Fishing Boats
Sbtvc.com  PR3
My Fat Host
Buy A Boat
Car Diagnostics
E Novels
Get New Gutters

Host Links
Owners Manuals
Book Store
Camping Gear
Create A Directory
Fishing Tackle
Grammar Check

Fashion Clothing
Great Buys
Outdoor Canopies

Enhance Supplements
Lotto Bucks
Buy A Boat
Buy Text Ads
Best Affiliates
Win More Tournaments
Make Beer
Learn Photo Shop
Start Writing Your Novel
Musical Instruments
Remote Control Store
Make Money Fishing
Dvm2  PR2
Web Teaching
Find Hotels
Buy Land
Help The Needy
Yard Tools
Buy A Mattress
Shop Quality Mart

Great Deals
Find A Lender
Lure Shop
Quick Shop
Sporting Goods
Sports Events

Pet Ids
Real Estate
Sexy Aprons
Sexy Clothes

Caimon Oil
Biggest Deer
Big T Host
Travel Writer
Clothing Store
Help Self Publishers
Win Bass Tournaments
Shop E Text Books
Harleys & Accessories
Best Home Remedies
Tell A Story Well PR1
Amazing Ideas PR1
Extreme Survival
Im Banking
Making Lures
Old Lures
Spy Forex
Kiddy Books

Write Better
Hire A Writer

Tool Shop
Great Cooking
Vegan Meals
All Spices
Wet Bar

Shop Jewelry
Outdoor Store
Golf Tees
Hairloss Prevention
Outdoor Store
Book Deals
Book Sales
Writers Post
Back Links
Shop Jewelry
Shop Links
Car Remotes
Vintage Lures
Auto Sound

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