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Outdoors Gifts

Outdoors gifts are some of the easiest to find and buy. The only limitation is your imagination and bank account.

Outdoors Gifts

In creating the following list of ideas for outdoors gifts, I’ve tried to cover prices ranging from the very affordable to the obscene. And here we go…

1. Vermont Fly Fishing Trip – If you’re buying for a fly fishing fanatic, a Vermont Fly Fishing Trip will have them on their knees, bowing to you. These trips are full day and half day wading trips on the streams around the Green Mountain area and represent fly fishing at its best. Half days will run in the $200 range while full day trips will cost you in the $360 area. Do a search on the net to find providers.

2. Killing Water Bugs – The SteriPen Water Purifier is a cool little gadget for campers, hikers, backpackers and fisherman. Although water purification may sound a bit boring, the SteriPen has a unique twist. It uses ultraviolet light to kill bacteria in the water you use. Ah, drinking water in the outdoors that doesn’t taste of chemicals. What a relief. This gadget will set you back in the range of $140.

3. Nomad Adventure Journals – These writing journals are a hit with outdoor enthusiast. The journals come pre-organized for a variety of subjects such as camping, hiking, fly fishing, backpacking, bird watching and travel to mention just a few. Each journal contains blank spaces for notes as well as cue areas to remind you to write down information such as places stayed, people met, their contact information and so on. The journals cost as low as $9 without waterproof case and $25 with case.

4. Garmin GPS Systems – GPS gadgets are hot outdoor gifts buys and Garmin leads the field. GPS stands for global positioning satellite and provide outdoor enthusiasts with tons of information such as their location in the wild, how far they’ve walked and so on. Garmin makes GPS gadgets for everything from training to street directions in your car. A can’t miss gift for the outdoor enthusiast. Costs range from as low as $70 to close to a thousand dollars depending on the specific of the system.

5. Camper’s Ice Cream Ball – Avid campers have always made ice cream by throwing to cans together with salt rock, ice and ice cream ingredients. You’d just kick it around to mix up the ingredients and after a while you had ice cream. Well, someone has come up with an improved version. The Ice Cream Ball is a plastic ball that serves the same purpose. You put the salt rock and ice in one end, the ingredients in the other and start rolling it around. After 20 minutes or so, you’ve got ice cream. The ball will run you $20 at any outdoor retailer.

6. Patagonia – No, not the brand. If you’re looking for the “big” gift, why not go for a home run with a trip to Patagonia. Argentina is the best launching place for expeditions and, fortunately, the country is over the economic problems that hurt it in 2002. Typically, you fly into Buenos Aires and transfer down to southern points to launch your adventure. Price for the trip will range from obscene for full luxury experiences to as low as $1,000 for roughing it adventures. Kayaking, trekking, horseback riding and a variety of other expeditions are readily available to take you to this environmental mecca. Be warned, you’ll be changed after visiting Patagonia. It is that impressive.

Outdoors gifts come in all types and price ranges. Whether you’re into rock climbing, camping or kayaking, there is something for everyone out there.

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