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Dirt Bike Racing

Whatís so good about dirt bike racing?

The adrenalin is flowing, heart beat racing and blood pumping; the dirt bike racing is about to begin. As far as adrenalin fuelled sports go, you donít get much more action packed than dirt bike racing. Itís fast, and to coin a well-used phrase, itís furious. People from age 4 to age 64 love the thrill and regularly take part in dirt bike racing.

What should I consider when dirt bike racing?

First and foremost, you should consider your safety. The very nature of dirt bike racing as a sport means itís dangerous and itís even more dangerous if you donít take it seriously. Any reputable dirt bake track wonít let you on if you donít have a helmet, goggles, a jersey, pants, chest protector and in some cases a neck protector. You should always pick gear that fits because if it doesnít fit it isnít safe.

Dirt bike riders donít appreciate people who ride recklessly, and if you are a reckless rider you will undoubtedly get an ear bashing for your dangerous behavior and quite possibly kicked off the track. Dirt biking is one of the most dangerous sports in the world, but taking it seriously and following all the proper safety rules will help you make the most of it.

The bike also plays a serious part (obviously) and when you are selecting a dirt bike either for yourself or for your children you should always make sure that the rider can sit on the bike with their feet touching the floor and legs bent slightly. If the bike is too big there is no way you can have full control and the same can be said if itís too small.

Also, consider how practised you are. The more experienced you become as a rider the better you become. Donít try getting air of incredible heights until you really know what you are doing. Beginners should be happy with a foot or two of air; the riders you see on TV who are climbing up to ten feet have been riding for years and years to be able to do that.

As a beginner you will probably find a line you are happy with and stick to it. While this is unlikely to win you any big races, it will give you chance to hone your skills and gain confidence. Once youíre a bit more experienced you will be able to take different lines to overtake people and win races.

Dirt bike racing is not something you can just throw yourself into. It takes plenty of practise to become any good and you should never try anything you arenít confident with. If you stick to this and find yourself a reputable track then you wonít go far wrong.

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